How your products are delivered has an important impact on your customers online shopping experience, hence your success. Therefore Budbee’s delivery service is fast, smooth and suitable for your customer’s everyday life. Almost a third of all our users have rated their experience and we would say it’s an A grade (4,9 out of 5,0).

Budbee loves Online Shopping

Improve Your Shopping Experience

Your customer journey does not end in the check-out. Budbee is all about happy customers who get their goods delivered at an exact time in a way they like. Nailing the delivery experience actually improves what’s important to you, boosting loyalty, order value increases, just to mention a few.

Technology and Innovation

We usually say that we’re as much a tech company as a logistics company, using our technical innovation to solve logistical challenges. But all this tech hype and gibberish put aside, what this means in practice is that we can offer a radically new kind of transparency, flexibility, and control both for our e-commerce clients as well as the end-customers.

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